Current Issue

The World Mind: Volume III, No. 3


 As the international liberal order transforms, American discourse intensifies, policies grow more uncertain, and the influence of expertise dims, ground-breaking analyses matters more than ever. This volume, our contributors have explored the theme of revisionism–undoing some the most basic assumptions of the rules, expectations, and limits of order. What are the motivations of revisionist policies? How can we regulate revisionist actors? Is a return to a free and fair system possible? This issue, our writers address these immensely important questions.

We thank the students that produced incredible analyses and policy recommendations for this first edition of Volume III:

World Mind contributors know that diverse analyses and discourse are incredibly pertinent to policy discussions; this volume, we offer fresh perspectives on many of the ‘hard questions’ our leaders and constituents have to face. We thank you for your readership and interest in the work we produce.


Caroline Rose,

Executive Editor of the World Mind Magazine