Volunteer Work

+ I joint to HOPE for Tomorrow which is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing health care, human service, and doing free dental service for Virginia community. I was assisting dentist in providing more efficient dental treatment such as filling, cleaning teeth, preparing the patient for treatment, sterilizing instruments, passing instruments during process, holding suction devices.

+ I have been going to an event called “Feeding Homeless” from Vietnamese organization. It was very meaningful event because I could meet a lot of people who really need our help and gave them food and clothes. It happened one time per month in DC area.

+ I had taught Vietnamese language in the Vietnamese church for kids. It was very fun time to teach them and got new experience as being teacher. It was very hard to be teacher than I thought.

+ I was volunteering for doctor’s office and dental office in Virginia. I earned new experience about using practice management on scheduling, billing, insurance, financial reporting, and accounts receivable. Also, I learned a lot of treatment from being assistant for dentist. It was very interesting because he taught me about X-ray, what kind of treatment we need to do for patient. I assisted for doing wisdom teeth surgery which is very helpful to learn about.