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An Autumn Effect

An Autumn Effect

In the reading An Autumn Effect The author uses the Progymnasmata of Description to paint an image into the reader’s mind. In many instances the author wrote about scenic places, using full detail to display what they might have seen. I think that one of the main reasons the author did this was to awe the reader and try to tell them in writing the view of the place. For instance, “Single trees thrown out against the customary sunset of a Japanese picture… over water and level land” (M. Andre Theuriet) the author describes the setting that he sees and puts it in word for the readers to mentally picture. Another example of this would be “A little faint vapor lay among the slim tree-stems in the bottom of the hollow.” (M. Andre Theuriet) The details are vividly described to help the reader visualize and maybe even take in some of the emotions the writer is feeling. The use of expressive details also assists the writer in channeling his perspective and further increases his persuasiveness by appealing to the reader psychologically. It makes the reader feel more comfortable when mentally put into a pleasant setting, making them more compliant.


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