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Birthplace of the American Vacation

Where was the Birthplace of American Vacation and The Art of Loving the Beach

Vacation is a word that is commonly thrown around with friends and family but the ideal vacation is different for everyone. For instance, WIlliam H.H Murray changed the opinions of many people who thought staying in the city was far more exciting than staying in nature. Murray was able to paint a picture inside of the readers head and show them how peaceful nature could be. “Readers were enthralled by his vision of a pure, Edenic world in the Adirondacks, where hundreds of forest-swathed lakes were gleaming.” (Tony Perrottet) The people were too familiarized in the city and needed a change of environment. This prompted the change of environment from urban life to wildlife. Murray showed people how to enjoy the ups and downs of nature.

I personally think that it is one of the best feelings to go somewhere unknown, where you have no idea what to expect. It forces me to live in the present and not worry about the future. Judging from past vacation experiences, I’ve noticed that the unknown has always helped me clear my mind. Being in nature, away from all the skyscrapers gave me a real sense of peace and clarity of mind. I agree with what Perrottet is saying in his Smithsonian article. The elegance of nature can be far more relaxing than the sight of the busy city.

I feel that you should escape the loud and crowded city every once in a while and give yourself the opportunity to experience everything nature has to offer.

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