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Proverb Progymnasmata

Proverb Progymnasmata

            The writing in the article, “Breaking Down an Image,” is quite superb. Rhetoric images are not talked about a lot in the world of literature due to there not being many images typically instilled in writings. In this piece the author breaks down a system to decipher images in text to understand their true meaning. This is done by breaking down the analyzation into numerous categories. These categories are: Audience, Context, Purpose, Tone, Arrangement, Location, Scale, Text, Typography, Font Size, Font Type, Color, Connotation, and finally Readability. This was done because many people do not typically think about why images are placed where they are and how it persuades us. The main thing to consider when viewing an image is the visual rhetoric that it gives off, or the effect that is has on someone.

It is best to be in touch with the images that you are viewing or else you are putting yourself in a bubble of ignorance. This is the equivalent of not reading the news, so you don’t have to face the realities of life and view what is truly going on around you. Some may choose to live like this as that way they can go about thinking all is good and be a living embodiment of ignorance is bliss. One cannot hope to understand what is trying to be said to them unless they can accurately analyze what is being shown whether it is through images or writing, which “Breaking Down an Image” tries to service.

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