Shipping Out PT2 David Foster Wallace

Shipping Out 2- David Foster Wallace
Progym: Description

David Foster Wallace shows the many luxuries he experienced whilst aboard the Nadir. From the routine newspaper Nadir Daily to the exotic dinners, Wallace makes it sound like a paradise to be on board of a cruise. He talks about the luxury and sense of isolation from the world that is shielded from you whilst cruising, how the cruise ship seems to be its own little planet. However, there still seemed to be a part of the trip that didn’t sit well with Wallace. Although he was surrounded by luxury and entertainment, he couldn’t help but feel somewhat entrapped, like he was missing out on authentic fun. The cruise had all the necessary features for him to find relaxation but in truth, everything seemed so instituted. It was like he had been forced to have fun. After a few days on the boat he starts to notice that the cruise is not all that flawless, it has its imperfections alike everywhere else. Wallace realizes that what he craves is not forced happiness, but rather he would like the chance to be able to thoroughly enjoy a vacation that does not seem obligatory.

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