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Parachute Artists or Tourists With Typewriters- Ana Alacovska

The digital culture, a place filled with people of all sorts. Professionals and amateurs alike, both in pursuit of the perfect piece of writing to show off the craft of travel, of vacation. Picture this, a cafe in an urban setting, surrounded by the tall buildings of a city. Two gentlemen one sitting on the left hand side whilst the other is on the right, both carrying a pen and a notepad. The one on the left dressed with a sharp white button up, black dress pants, and leather shoes. Clearly very professional. The one on the right, much more casual, dressed with a plain black t-shirt and jeans. Clearly the amateur. Two people, one professional and one amateur, both with a common goal; to write about their vacation in the current city they are visiting. Only difference is one of them is working for a company and the other works for himself. In the writing by Ana Alacovska, she goes on to explain how one of these is a poison to the authentic world of travel. The person who travels for money and the person who travels for the love of travelling comes across very differently. The professional has dedicated his life to writing exceptional pieces on different locations whilst the amateur writes mediocre pieces. Alacovska explains how the mediocre pieces are damaging the image of the location that is being written about. The amateur writer is willing to take a low amount of money, hurting this profession and making it harder for experienced writers who want higher pay. To conclude, there are two different types of travel writers. One pours their heart and soul into their work, the other gives moderate effort. Although both are looking for money, I believe that the writing should be left to the individual who loves travel for travel, not for a profit.

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