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Black people are wild savages, yet we can’t venture into the wilderness? – Thesis/Argument

I am Black and have no idea how to start a fire. I don’t know how to hunt, have very little knowledge on how to traverse large landscapes, and I can’t, for the life of me, pitch a tent.  If you were to place me in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains, I’d survive for 2 to 3 days max; 4 days if I don’t eat the blueberries that were obviously not blueberries. Even with all my non-knowledge of the great outdoors, I am – as Black people are commonly referred to as – a wild savage. To some, or many, white people, I am the epitome of savagery and should forever exist in the wild or as a slave; they believe that I should have no rights, that I have a brain the size of a pigeons’(pigeons are considered a delicacy in some regions of the world so thank you for the back-handed compliment white man) and that I am, above all other flaws, a good-for-nothing…, well, you know the rest of the phrase. As a black man with no survival skills, it is difficult for me to understand (the outdoors, obviously) why there continues to be this link between my blackness and the wilderness. I am very much aware of the history between black people and nature. Rahawa Haile in her personal essay “Going it Alone”(a powerful piece that I very much enjoyed) gives the example of Harriet Tubman who, among many things, was an expert hiker who understood how to traverse the hundreds of miles of woods and mountains that lay between the North and Southeast regions of the US. She is an example of a black person who was – even if not by nature – very knowledgeable of the outdoors, and with that knowledge, she was able to save hundreds of other enslaved black people. I must mention, however, that Harriet Tubman is no longer alive(may she rest in peace) and that black people(thank god) are no longer enslaved. In the US, the majority of black citizenry live in or near metropolitan cities. Many of us, myself included, rarely venture into the wilderness, and those of us who do(like Rahawa) have a mixed experience with it. Rahawa is a black woman who adores the outdoors and understands it extremely well. As she attempts to embrace the wilderness to which she feels extrinsically linked, she cannot avoid the racism that exists as a byproduct of her ancestor’s enslavement. In her essay, Rahawa recounts, time and time again, the racist interactions she’s had with hikers not like herself(meaning white), and those who live in towns parallel to common hiking trails. She talks about a time where another hiker didn’t believe she was “black” because real “black” people don’t hike. I can’t wrap my head around how black people can be savages when many of us know nothing of the wilderness, and even if we do, we aren’t “black” because knowledge of the outdoors is reserved for white people. I direct this question to any white man who may be reading this: are Black people savages for your convention, or because hip-hop is the closest thing to monkey culture that you know?

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Up ‘N Da Club is one of the best songs to come out in the history of hip-hop. I just think how can something so pretty come out of black savages? White people are jealous.

Haiti has been poor ever since it committed ethnic cleansing against all whites. Zimbabwe gave back farm land it took from whites because apparently the locals couldnt take up the slack in the food production and distribution caused by removing them. What technology did africa have before whites came and brought european technology?

How come the U.S., mostly whites, gives trillions in foreign aid every decade for the last 50 years to africa and africa is still in a terrible state? Why is it that the dictators, strongmen, and violent people of Europe collapsed into large ethnic groups that learned to work together and enforce laws that created flourishing but in africa and middle east and south america there’s always rampant crime and police are often criminals themselves, so there’s little upward momentum unless there’s white interference?

As much as the blacks will complain and deny , they must admit too many of their people are violent and act like animals. Wild untamed beasts.

Savage because you can’t understand what’s actually being insinuated by calling you savage.
Savage because in the entirety of human existence you never invented a written language, irrigation, sea-faring ships, two story dwellings, etc.
savage because by and large, both in Africa and in ANY western nation you possess the average IQ of 70-85.
70 used to be considered the legal threshold for mentally retarded btw with 85 being roughly the equivalent of a 12yr old white person from any country.
Savage because the crimes you commit are so often hyper violent, committed for no damn reason at all. Because you literal rape and dismember more white woman, that you’ve never met, every single year: than all the people lynched by the kkk in their entire existence.
Because you riot and burn our cities whenever some criminal black is shot.
Because you can’t even inhabit the once prosperous and bustling white cities without them falling to the level of third world nations.
Because despite having spent the entirety of your existence slopping more mud on the roof of your mud hut (because you can’t even figure out how to bake mud bricks) you STILL are not very good outdoorsmen.
You are savage because your existence as “humans” lacks any and all signs of higher evolution. You exist in the wild… yet the wild never forced you to evolve methods of adaptation for surviving it.
Savage because while there’s a great many people like myself that love most all other cultures, peoples, nations, etc… your race, stands in stark contrast to all those others.

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