Jack Albert Nusenow

From McAfee Knob

Progym – personification

I’ve held so many people. I photograph well, I am an outstanding overlook of the Grayson Highlands. Probably the best. I am a “must see” on the AT.

Thankfully, for as long as I remember, the landscape that I oversee hasn’t changed but for the seasons. From a sea of vibrant green to speckles of red, yellow, and orange, to grey and white, and back again. Over and over again the cycle continues, but I never grow tired of the view. People come and go. When they’re alone with me, they never seem lonely. Only other people seem capable of producing that feeling in visitors.

For me, and from me, there is always something new to look at. Whether people realize it or not, this is why they visit me. I hope they get what they came for.