About Me

Jason Steuerwald attends American University in Washington, D.C., though he has called Midland Park, New Jersey home for the past nineteen years.

As a second-year student majoring in Justice, Law, and Criminology, he ultimately hopes to move on to law school and pursue a career in public service. Though he explored many different areas of interest throughout high school, his passion undeniably lies in leadership and the defense of the liberty and equality of others.

Growing up in a small conservative town in Northern New Jersey came with benefits, though they may have sometimes been disguised as detriments. Beyond being afforded many opportunities to expand his capacities as a leader, such as heading up numerous clubs and teams as an officer and eventually becoming the district’s student representative to the Board of Education, Jason was constantly forced to defend and justify his views and ultimately his identity to his peers and community as one of the few outspoken liberal students. This opportunity to hone his argumentative and persuasive abilities is one of the aspects that has drawn him to the study of justice and law.

Another area where Jason has found significant growth as a person and leader has been in the realm of drum corps. From a very young age, music played a crucial part in his life. In high school, he considered the marching band his home and even briefly considered pursuing a career in music education. When just the fall wasn’t enough, he decided to take his participation in the marching arts to the next level, becoming a member of Fusion “Core” in 2015. As one of the youngest members of the group, he had to work incredibly hard to keep up with the rest of the members and from this he learned the importance of self-discipline and perseverance. By the summer of 2016, he was promoted to contra section leader. In this position, he spent months garnering the hard-earned respect of men both older and younger than him and learned the value of teaching and helping others grow. Because he is always looking grow as both a musician and a person, this summer he decided to move on to the Oregon Crusaders, a world class corps based out of Portland, Oregon. He spent five weeks training everyday and then toured the country, performing and competing for another five weeks. Though it was incredibly challenging, it was also transformative. Not only did he accomplish a life-long dream, but he also was able to push himself and learn a lot about who he is as a leader.

When Jason isn’t busy learning about leadership and justice or honing his skills in a practice room, he can be found either in the at work or in nature. He currently works as an overnight assistant at American University’s library which includes a lot of trouble-shooting with fellow exhausted students and sorting many interesting books, papers, and other types of media. As for the latter, he loves hiking and exploring the DC parks with his dog.

He’s so excited to be starting his journey towards becoming a true defender of justice and looks forward to all the experiences and wisdom this university and the District have to offer!

Contact Information:

Email: js0152a@student.american.edu

Phone: (201) 788-4260