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Letts Hall second floor bathroom.

Letts Hall second floor bathroom.

Letts Hall second floor at American University classifies as an all female floor. This means that every bathroom on this floor is accessible to girls. However, due to its original structure, half the bathrooms have “Men Restroom” signs. When we first moved in, were told that the men’s restrooms would now be gender neutral, due to the fact we still have male guests on our floor. Being at a liberal school such as American and having gender neutral bathrooms on the first floor, it could be assumed that everyone would be alright with this decision. However, that wasn’t the case.

A week after move-in day, we were pulled in for a floor meeting. Someone had complained that they weren’t comfortable with the idea of a gender neutral bathroom, and all bathrooms were made exclusively female. This made many of my floormates and myself upset due to the fact that there were still 2 female restrooms in addition to the 2 gender neutral ones. So why couldn’t they just use those exclusively? This also made me think about why administration would make this accommodation for just one person?

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    Ana Lezama December 11, 2016

    Dear Tania,
    This is such a controversial issue. I think it is so controversial because the idea of gender neutral bathrooms is so new and revolutionizing. While I understand your concern, coming from an extremely conservative country, I can understand the shock of having a gender neutral bathroom. However, I am not saying I agree with restricting both bathrooms to just females. I think this topic needs time to settle into society. Perhaps a few years from now it won’t be so shocking and we will all feel comfortable with each other, but for now, I think it is understandable that some people still find it uncomfortable.

    (ps I am not stalking you, I’m writing constructive comments for points lol)

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