Hello and welcome to my Edspace! On this site, I analyze papers, articles, and the rhetorical situations of the details we don’t pay much attention to. For example, why do gender neutral bathrooms exist? And who are they helping? Additionally, through research, I have created an analysis on the transformation and progression of Buzzard Point. This analysis expresses who resides in the area, how has this changed over the last 50 years, and why? Has the crack epidemic diminished in Southwest Waterfront? What affects does that have? First, I visited my site and got the general feel of the site. I was then able to analyse the exterior factor of the neighborhood: what did it look like? Why did it look like that? I then created an interior analysis, where I studied the possible factors that have decreased the crime in the area. Next, I created a digital document. Because online research was such an important part of the project, the document analyzed what about my area will the public see first, and why? I found that the answer has to do with the brand new D.C United Stadium. Being one of the main projects currently being worked on, it is the main concern for news coverage. Together, these three documents have helped me make a final argument: as opposed to popular belief, gentrification of Buzzard Point has begun to break the area out of its isolated shell: reducing violent crime, rising its economic status, and bringing the community together.