Mission Statement, Goals, Objectives

Logic Model, Mission, Goals, and Objectives

Mission Statement:

The mission of ​Be Sweet Without the Sugar​ is to prevent the development of adolescent obesity and type 2 diabetes by using social media in order to reduce sugar sweetened beverage consumption among teens.


● Reduce the consumption of sugar sweetened beverages for students 13-19 years of age
● Increase the consumption of water
● Increase self-efficacy and nutrition knowledge of students
● Prevent obesity rates and increased risk of chronic disease through nutrition
education and promotional efforts

Process Objective:

Individuals will consume at least 25% less SSB at the end of this program by continuing to track their sugar intake.

Impact Objective:

The students will understand the impact that added sugars have on health and be able to list at least five facts about added sugar in the diet at the conclusion on the program.

Impact Objective:

The students will increase their nutrition knowledge by scoring at least 25% better on the post survey than the pre survey which will be provided at the start and conclusion of the program.

Outcome Objective:

As a result of this program, high school students in NJ will understand the effect of SSB on chronic health, increased water consumption and ultimately decrease high-school obesity levels in the state after 5 years of implementation.

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