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Better Online? An Optimistic Analysis of the FBI Headquarters Website

Better Online? An Optimistic Analysis of the FBI Headquarters Website



The website that represents the arguably most well-known crime fighting organization outweighs its expectations, painting the best possible picture of the FBI Headquarters. The site is riddled with information about how the Headquarters fights against terrorism, and helps the country during times of national crisis. Not to mention, the website emphasizes promoting their social media, with every one of their social media platforms showcased at the top of their website, and easy clickable links to access them. This really shows that the modern lifestyle of people focuses on the Internet and social media, since the Headquarters building itself was not nearly as impressive as the website made it seem through the way it was spoken about and the professional pictures that were posted of the building.

picture of the Headquarters from the Official website

picture of the Headquarters from the Official website

While “CONTACT US” is written in giant blue letters at the top of the site, there is essentially no real way to contact the Headquarters, only to find a local FBI office near you and contact them. The bold letters at the top of the side send a message to the site user that the Headquarters wants them to be able to send in tips and ask questions. But when the user goes further into the site, there is a side note claiming the Headquarters doesn’t have a national email for people to contact. It is slightly subduing that the headquarters of the national crime-fighting organization of America doesn’t even have an email that people can contact. Yet this was the only downside to the website, which was facile to navigate, as well as straightforward in the information that was presented. Sending in a tip might take a while, but there is a giant map as well as directions to be able to send the user straight to the Headquarters if they so wish.

The rest of the website takes a dark turn, focusing on actual criminals and crimes that are still being investigated. The dates on some of these stories go all the way back to 1980, which leaves me with an uneasy feeling, since many crimes will probably never be solved, and those criminals are still out there. The Most Wanted page is another twisted highlight of the site, there are over one hundred people, victims and suspects, who are showcased with their pictures on this site. This itself would be bad enough, if they also hadn’t included distressing images that were actually facial reconstructions of people who had been murdered, and digital photographs of what missing children could look like up to 30 years after they had already disappeared. While I was quite horrified to see these images, I was also very intrigued. The layout of the website allowed me to just keep scrolling down easily, which actually made me spend more time scouring the images and stories that were there, just because they were effortless to access.

I was surprised at how entertaining it was to visit the website of the FBI Headquarters. I had never been able to read through so many tales of crimes in one place, and I was shocked at how much information was able to be fit into a single story. Some of the remarks on the stories of criminals included details like, “He enjoyed eating peanuts and spicy food,” or “Brown enjoys being the center of attention and has been known to frequent nightclubs where he enjoys showing off his high-priced vehicles,” which are remarks that I found absolutely hilarious and definitely did not expect to see written on the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted Criminals list. The most relieving part of being on this website, was that when I visited it again on a different day, and went back to the Most Wanted page, two of the criminals I had read about previously had been captured. This was showcased by a giant red “captured” sign over their pictures. This filled me with hope for our nation, since even if the Headquarters is a dingy old building that looks like it could be an ancient Roman artifact, at least they’re still solving crimes and capturing criminals.


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