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Commonplace: My Complex Local System – Architect Arthur Moore’s Quote

Commonplace: My Complex Local System – Architect Arthur Moore’s Quote

It creates a void along Pennsylvania Avenue. Given it’s elephantine size and harshness, it creates a black hole. Its concrete wall, with no windows or light to it, is an urban sin. People should be strolling down America’s main street. Nobody strolls in front of FBI building” (Moore, 2005).

Architect Arthur Moore came up with this description back in 2005. He manages to describe the unattractiveness of the building in a fluid way, creating a dark picture of the FBI Headquarters. The words: black hole, void, elephantine, jump out at the reader. By describing it as a “void” and a “black hole”, Moore is essentially saying that this building adds nothing to the city. But by going on and calling the building an “urban sin”, Moore adds that not only is the building not able to add anything to the city, it is actually taking away from the beauty of D.C., ruining the urban atmosphere.

Pennsylvania Ave is referred to as America’s Main Street, including important, beautiful buildings like the White House and the Capitol building. Moore essentially states that the FBI Headquarters doesn’t deserve to be on Pennsylvania Ave. Personally, the importance of the FBI Headquarters, through my own research and experience, gives me a different view of the building. While I do agree that the building is not up to America’s expectations, I also see the beauty of a building that’s been through a lot, that has a past. I disagree with Moore that the building is a “void”, the building is very much a present fixture, and throughout the years it has been a monumental institution in our city. After all, it represents the leading law enforcement agency of our nation.


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