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Commonplace: Feels Like Home lyrics, by The Him

Commonplace: Feels Like Home lyrics, by The Him

The Him- Feels Like Home
I don’t know where I am/But it feels like home/And I pull myself away/When it don’t feel like home/Well now I love myself again/And it feels like home.

Coming from a multi-cultured background and moving to different countries every three years, I was able to resonate with the song, Feels Like Home by The Him, immensely. While the songwriter doesn’t have any explanation for his own meaning of the song, personally I felt like the lyrics were trying to say that perhaps the definition of “home” doesn’t need to be a specific place. That maybe just the feeling of being comfortable somewhere is enough, whether you know the place well or not. When he sings. “Now I love myself again/And it feels like home” (The Him, 2015), it reminds me of being able to experience different cultures and knowing that I can adapt to living in new countries without feeling like I’m leaving something behind, since in the end I always have myself. For me, the rhetoric of the song is trying to say that being comfortable with yourself and the person you are is how you can really truly feel like you belong, no matter where you are.


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