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Commonplace: Trump Named TIME Magazine’s “Person of the Year”

Commonplace: Trump Named TIME Magazine’s “Person of the Year”

“They gave me the ‘person’ of the year…Who would rather have it be the ‘man’ of the year?” – Donald J. Trump comments on being named TIME Magazine’s person of the year.

It is infuriating that Donald Trump can belittle and insult women, be as racist as he wants, manage to win the presidency, win TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year award, and still be complaining. By criticizing the magazine for not calling him “Man of the Year”, Trump is once again showing his racist ways. For it not to be enough for him to compete against everyone, that he simply wants it to be against men, shows how little respect he has for women and their part in society. Trump’s presidency, in my opinion, seems like it could potentially split our nation apart.

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