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Annotated Bibliographies

Annotated Bib 1:

“History of FBI Headquarters.” FBI. FBI, 02 July 2016. Web. 14 Nov. 2016. <>

This is an official webpage written by FBI officials for the public, and completely defines and explains the history of the FBI Headquarters, from it’s start in 1908 to the present. The website has a lengthy description of how the headquarters was built and expanded upon throughout the years, as well as details such as the materials that were used and the construction process. The writer also manages to give different reasons as to why the FBI Headquarters was built where and how it is and reactions from the public and the government after the building was built.

This website immensely helps my Built Environment project, especially for the interior, since access inside the Headquarters is very limited, and this website gives me a laid out plan of what is actually inside the building. It also helps me better define the exterior, and the materials the building is made out of, as well as giving me substance to why the building is the way it is, and the changes that have been made to it over the years.

Annotated Bib 2:

“Criminal Minds.” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 17 Nov. 2016. Web. 18 Nov. 2016. <>

Criminal Minds is a TV show that is based mainly on the FBI. The Wikipedia page on Criminal Minds details the plot of the show, referencing the FBI many times. The show gives off a intense media portrayal of the FBI, featuring many characters as FBI agents and having many plots that reference different aspects of the FBI.

This is very helpful to me, considering my main knowledge of the FBI is based off of the media, so when I reference what I “thought” the FBI would be like, it’s off of TV shows and movies just like Criminal Minds. I compare the TV show to what I actually see when I walked around and inside the headquarters, and it’s that comparison that creates judgements in my mind, and I think that’s what it must be like for most of the public too, since the actual Headquarters is very secretive.

Annotated Bib 3

McDermott, Colin. “An inside Look at FBI Headquarters in DC Reveals How Agency Is Stronger since 9/11.” Newsnet5. N.p., 23 Nov. 2015. Web. 22 Nov. 2016. <>

This article showcases one reporter’s exclusive inside look into the FBI Headquarters. Colin McDermott describes all the different floors and rooms in the FBI Headquarters, fixating on the rooms that are particularly interesting such as crime exhibits and shooting ranges. While he reiterates he isn’t allowed to talk about some of the things he saw, this adds to the eerie and closed off feeling about the Headquarters, and makes the details that he is able to give very interesting.

This is useful to my built environment project, since it shows that my building has very restricted access, and therefore makes the interior of the building seem much more intriguing than if it were just a public building. From visiting the FBI Headquarters myself, I know that the tour he was given, and the tour I was given were slightly different, so this adds to my knowledge of the interior of the building, and gives me a different perspective on what I saw.

Annotated Bib 4

“FBI Headquarters.” FBI. FBI, 03 May 2016. Web. 22 Nov. 2016. <>

The main website for the FBI Headquarters building focuses on informing the public the different things that the FBI does, as well as information on criminals and how to send in tips to the FBI. The page talks about the different work that the Headquarters does, provides resources and services about the Headquarters, and has interesting stories and vivid portrayals of crimes that they are investigating.

My Built Environment is focused more on the Headquarters building itself, but this website gives me a feel of the use of the building, and how that relates to how the building was built, and the people that work there. The website provides me with an in-depth view of what FBI agents really do, and how the Headquarters itself is the center of the entire FBI organization.

Annotated Bib 5

O’Connell, Jonathan. “The FBI’s Headquarters Is Falling Apart. Why Is It so Hard for America to Build a New One?” Washington Post. The Washington Post, 16 Oct. 2015. Web. 14

This article published a year ago in the Washington Post gives an accurate description about how the FBI Headquarters building is literally falling apart. Not only describing the run down exterior appearance of the building, the reporter, Jonathan O’Connell,  goes into depth about how the facilities of the building itself are not functioning correctly. He gives examples such as faulty alarm systems, corroded ceilings, and badly dated building systems. The article goes on to examine different solutions and issues with building a new Headquarters building.

Since the rhetoric of my Built Environment speaks about how the FBI Headquarters isn’t fit to represent the renowned organization that owns it, this article fills my writing with evidence and proof of how unqualified the Headquarters is, as well as letting me learn more about what is being done to solve this problem.

Annotated Bib 6

Austermuhle in News on Nov 9, 2011 4:30 pm, Martine. “Feds Agree: The FBI Building Is Awful.” DCist, 9 Nov. 2011,

This article gives the perspective of the FBI Agents on their own headquarters. The writer compares the general public’s opinions to the similarity of how the agents feel about the building, which is that it is “ugly and useless”, along with crucial information about the facilities that the building lacks.

My Built Environment is trying to prove that this building is unfit for the FBI, so being able to prove that the agents themselves are unhappy with their own headquarters is essential information for my writing.

Annotated Bib 7

Martin Austermuhle in News on May 7, 2012 11:00 am. “Brutal: J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building Declared World’s Ugliest Building Worth Visiting.” DCist,

This reporter names the FBI Headquarter’s the “Ugliest Building in the World”, and gives an extremely graphic and deadly description of the building in his article. Calling the building several names such as “a dreary 1970’s behemoth”, and an “urban sin”, are just some of the techniques that the reporter uses to really showcase how horrible he believes this building is.

Getting different viewpoints from different members of the public is really important for my built environment, since it shows how the building interacts with the environment in which it is placed. This reporter’s very harsh view on the Headquarters is useful for me to incorporate his way of thinking into my work.

Annotated Bib 8

“Federal Bureau of Investigation: Actions Needed to Document Security Decisions and Address Issues with Condition of Headquarters Buildings.” U.S. Government Accountability Office (U.S. GAO),

This is a report released in November 8th, 2011, about the “Security Decisions and Address Issues with Condition of Headquarters”, and was investigated by the U.S. Government Accountability Office. The report gives legitimate proof that the Headquarters building is not fit to serve the FBI Agency, and the facilities don’t meet the FBI’s needs, and does not support the FBI’s security, space, or building condition requirements. The report also goes on to give potential solutions for an alternative building, and financing strategy for it.

This report is extremely crucial to my Built Environment’s rhetoric, proving that the building is clearly not fit to represent the FBI, especially if government reports are saying it. It also gives an interesting perspective, since if even the government is acknowledging this, why aren’t they doing anything about it? The report makes me think deeper about my Built Environment while providing me with essential details.

Annotated Bib 9

C., Miss Maggie et al. “FBI – Penn Quarter – Washington, DC.” Yelp, 20 July 2016,

Yelp reviews are honest, real commentary about how the public feels about the FBI Headquarters. The reviews are mostly negative, with commenters complaining either about not being able to get inside the building, or how unattractive the exterior is. Some reviewers just generally hate on the whole FBI organization.

These reviewers are citizens of our country, and therefore are the general public on which I want to focus on when i’m writing about the effect of my Built Environment. These Yelp reviews give me an inside view into how the country, and especially D.C. residents, feel about the FBI Headquarters building.

Annotated Bib 10

“The Need for a Consolidated FBI Headquarters Building.” FBI, FBI, 1 Mar. 2016,

A statement written by the FBI for the FBI, is a plea from one of the FBI workers in the facilities and finance department, who is asking for a new and consolidated FBI building. He states that the Headquarters building has not “kept pace” with the mission of the FBI, since the facilities aren’t fit to sustain operations. Along with giving different ideas for the reconstruction of the Headquarters building, the worker gives an honest, and interesting overview of his thoughts on how the FBI building is currently not safe or fit to serve the United States.

My Built Environment heavily depends on the question if the building is able to meet the expectations and requirements that the country needs from the FBI. This statement gives me a solid perspective and evidence on what I’m trying to prove, that the building definitely is an impending threat on the United States, instead of providing the security that it should be.