I was hesitate at first to accept my internship at the Warner Theatre because after going to an arts high school majoring in theatre, I didn’t want to spend anymore time in any more theatres. But as I researched the location for a class and learned more about their functions under Live Nation, I learned that the Warner Theatre is almost an ideal venue for me to work at in the future. The Warner Theatre offers a range of events from Trey Songz to the Nutcracker. Also, the building is beautiful and a D.C. landmark. In my first two weeks of working at the Warner, I talked to everyone about their position in the company and how they got here. The position that has interested me the most by far is assistant general manager, who books many of the shows and estimates the amount of money they need to make every year. My main supervisor, Victoria Shamas, has an intriguing position as well, she coordinates all the small but important logistics for the venue. For example, she gets to hire security for shows and renovate dressing rooms. Personally, I think I would excel in a department where I control some people and can incorporate my artistic abilities.

My favorite part about working in the admin office at the Warner is how I get to work with so many bright and inspiring women. This internship has taught me that the business side of the industry can be really interesting and rewarding and makes me want to step up my math abilities. I wasn’t really sure what goals I had for my career before this internship and I think everyday I learn a little bit more about the Warner, I become more inspired by the entertainment industry and the many roles within it. This internship helped solidify my minor in business and entertainment and helped me figure out what sphere of entertainment I probably want to work in. My career goals are to network as much as possible and go to shows at as many venues as possible. Also, in the next few years I aim to work at multiple venues across the DMV area and see how their structure differs. My goal after this internship is get an internship this fall or spring at 9:30 Club or Echostage or Songbyrd. But also at the same time, once you enter the Live Nation family, it’s recommended not to leave. I hope to intern at The Fillmore in Silver Spring sometime when I have enough time to travel there because it’s the sister venue to the Warner and brings in more people my age.