June was a slow month at the Warner, like most concert venues in the summer. In July, we had a week full of shows and I got to work all of them! My favorite part of my internship this summer was working shows and seeing the process from multiple points of views. During shows, I learned how to seat people in the 1900 capacity venue, scanned tickets, and sold merchandise for tours. I had a radio and had the ability to communicate with the entire team and learned many code words like “house special” which is an intoxicated person.

The first show I worked was a gospel show, which was sold out. The house supervisor for the night took me under his wing and he showed me the basic ropes. After working another show, I didn’t have much to do except stand around so my supervisor asked if I wanted to sell merch. This was a hectic night because they forgot to hire two sales people so I was the only one and while I was selling I had to separate the money by each drag queen in their own box. I went onto sell merch at another show and it was much more laid back.  I worked a drag show, mom comedy show, two special events (where someone rented out the space), a male stripper show, and a few more. It was interesting to work for the Warner running around completing tasks and working merch independently. Working shows were crazy, fun, and showed me how all the logistics we had been discussing for weeks came together.

The best part of the Warner is the range of events and demographics that come through the historical doors every week. I enjoy working shows the most because it combines all aspects of the business in one night and tests everyone’s communication and problem solving abilities. I liked being able to put my customer service abilities to the test and deal with all types of patrons. Working shows gave me hand on experience and tested my abilities to act quickly, but efficiently.