My internship had its ups and downs, as would any unpaid position where you’re in a field where some people have been for ten years already.  I liked dipping into multiple fields at the Warner, but I feel like I only got a 40% understanding of the operations department at the end of my time this summer. I wish I got to learn more about the big picture about the position than the day to day duties. I’m not sure if the operations aspect of the entertainment industry is for me based off my experience at the Warner. I didn’t love how much time I spent at my desk on Linkedin, waiting for someone to give me anything to do. I worked mostly with the administrative assistant, which I didn’t mind, but I feel like my internship was mostly filing, counting posters, and checking the mail.

Also, there were many days where I was given one task and then nothing else came my way. Some days I felt were a waste of time and I wish my supervisor had planned out more tasks for me. There were also a few days where my supervisor came in really late and did not let me know. I would just be sitting at my desk for hours, awaiting her to come in, twiddling my thumbs. I was willing to do everything I could to make the employees days easier by completing small tasks, and I feel like I was forgotten often. I thought I would feel more apart of the team by the end of the summer, but I did not. I wish I was taught more about the business side or saw more business transactions occur.

Overall, the positives of my internship outweighed the negatives. I got hands on experience during shows and got a basic understanding of how the venue worked. Live Nation seems like a really interesting company and I hope to have another internship or two at their venues. I’m excited to continue to explore the entertainment world and find my passion within it. This internship helped solidify why I originally got interested in the entertainment industry.