This summer, I had a spectacular time at the Warner but I feel like sometimes communication skills lacked within the office. I wish my duties were explained more at the beginning of my internship and I would have been told that I would mostly be doing administrative work and little operations related tasks. Some days were filled with relatively nothing to do, where I was sitting at my desk for hours with little to no task to complete just scrolling through the shared drive. Also, there were at least 3 or 4 days during my internship where my main supervisor came in very late or didn’t come to work at all.

I wish my schedule was more personalized and I was only brought in on days where I was truly needed. Even though, I was an unpaid intern I feel like I deserve a text to let me know what’s going on versus sitting around with nothing to do. Lastly, the office felt a little lonely with me as the only intern but I can’t even imagine what the other intern would do. I think an important part of internships are struggling and working with people in your age range who have been given similar duties and that wasn’t found here. I feel like I wasn’t really promised anything at the beginning of my internship goal wise and I wish now that they told me more about what I would be doing on a day to day scale.

Overall, the negatives of my internship were outweighed by the positives. I wish I had less down time because I get bored easily in a professional setting if projects aren’t given to be actively. Especially, the few days I was a little late due to the metro, I felt bad for being late but also knew I wouldn’t be given a task the minute I stepped through the door. I wish each day I was given a list of tasks to complete so I could work on my multitasking and time management skills. I loved working shows at the Warner, but sometimes the office wasn’t as active as I would have liked.