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About Me



Hello, my name is Willow Curry! I was born and raised in Houston, Texas, one of the best cities in America to live (the Tex-Mex food is unbeatable), but after visiting Washington D.C. several times, I knew I had to go to school here. Not only do I love the design of the city itself, with wide streets, small buildings, and plenty of green space, I also adore the wonderful museums that feature great exhibits about all of my favorite subjects (the Textile Museum is a personal favorite). Aside from the city itself, I’m really happy to be studying here at American University, with so many people who hope to do good things in the world and who possess the intelligence and drive necessary to affect those changes. My biggest hobby/talent is writing, and that’s what I plan to do for a career–I want to be a journalist, a personal historian/biographer, a creative writer; anything where I can learn people’s stories and share them with the world, hopefully inspiring compassion and contributing to positive changes in people’s lives. Besides writing (and reading others’ writing!), I enjoy doing textile and fashion design and cooking, as well as exploring outdoors, both in nature and in cities.