Month October 2016

From Situations to Ecologies: Rhetorical Evolution

Within “Unframing Models of Public Distribution: From Rhetorical Situation to Rhetorical Ecologies”, Jenny Rice argues that rhetorical situations are not restricted to the elements of audience, exigence, and constraints, but rather that rhetorical situations are made up a large network… Continue Reading →

Commonplace 5: University System of Georgia

“Shall Property owned by the University System of Georgia and utilized by providers of college and university student housing and other facilities continue to be exempt from taxation to keep costs affordable?” The basic structure of this sentence, which was… Continue Reading →

Digital Archive #5

From directly in front of The Festival Center, you can see two towering church spires. Both spires seem to be undergoing construction, showing that the churches are consistently used, otherwise there would be no necessity for improvement of the churches…. Continue Reading →

Digital Archive #4

This picture shows The Festival Center in its entirety. The large brick building is situated right on a corner, and is easily spotted and very hard to miss. It houses The Church of the Saviour, among other faith groups, and… Continue Reading →

Digital Archive #3

In one of the windows of The Festival Center, this Black Lives Matter sign was hung proudly. Black Lives Matter, a civil rights group fighting against systematic racism and police violence that targets black people. This sign follows the inclusive… Continue Reading →

Digital Archive #2

This sign is right next to the sculpture, and it states the name of the sculptor and the name of the sculpture, as well as a small description of the sculpture. It states this information in both English and Spanish,… Continue Reading →

Digital Archive #1

This photo shows the sculpture sitting outside The Festival Center, and it depicts a man sitting, with a carpenter’s square at his feet. It is meant to show “a Christ”, who embodies that idea that a good leader must know… Continue Reading →

Commonplace 4: Bathroom Rhetoric

This sign is posted around the American University campus, and designates gender inclusive bathrooms, which allow people that identify as any gender to use the bathroom without any discrimination or judgement. Personally, I feel happy that American University has decided… Continue Reading →

Annotated Bibliography

Background Rotenstein, David. “For over Half a Century, This Church Led the Way on Affordable Housing and Homelessness in DC.” Greater Greater Washington. N.p., 19 Feb. 2015. Web.  Within this article, David Rotenstein describes the impact that the Church of… Continue Reading →

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