Month November 2016

Resistent to Redevelopment: The Dilemma of Adams Morgan

Adams Morgan has seen constant change over its entire history, and not all of the change has been for the better, making residents somewhat more hesitant as the neighborhood has grown. It saw large immigrant and minority populations during and… Continue Reading →

Commonplace 6: Paramedicize

Example sentence: After reviewing the results of your previous research, and in light of the relevant information found within the context of the study, there is ample evidence for making important, significant changes to our operating procedures.        =… Continue Reading →

Reading Analysis 4: Suburbia

  City of Rhetoric, Suburbia       Within the chapter “Suburbia” in City of Rhetoric, David Fleming argues what “suburban” really means, classifies suburban areas based on levels of segregation, average income, and house ownership, and puts these definitions… Continue Reading →

Annotated Bibliography Part 2

Exhibit “Young Church To Move Into New Quarters.” The Washington Post  (1923-1954) 21 Oct. 1950: 8. Print. This article deals with information about The Church of the Saviour, and talks about it moving into a new building. It discusses how… Continue Reading →

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