Similar to my page of glitch art, this page will display music I have created and composed in order to represent the redevelopment that Adams Morgan has undergone. Throughout the 60’s, urban renewal swept across the area, hoping to “revitalize” the area and bring in a new era for the long stagnant area. However, views as to whether this renewal was positive or negative are varied.

In parallel to that idea, I have created a song sampling a DC musician, Duke Ellington, and have tried to “revitalize” his work, and change it into something new. Views may vary on this piece, as one person may say I have created a new, much more interesting piece of work, while others may say I have effectively gentrified Duke Ellington’s original piece and meaning, and I have changed something that did not need changing. Varied views on topics are important, and that is why I created this song and am posting it here, in order to allow anyone who hears it to form their own opinion as to whether it was necessary, unnecessary, good, bad, worth it, not worth it, or even none of the above.

The song is best represented if you listen on headphones or earbuds.