George Elliot, Middlemarch

“For there is no creature whose inward being is so strong that it is not greatly determined by what lies outside it.” – George Elliot, Middlemarch

This quote describes how influential surroundings actually are on an individual. I think this is a very interesting thought. Perhaps, we were raised in a different environment – how different would we actually be? All creatures bear concerns about the external environment. But how could we not? In order to do well you have to be well liked by others. Having a sense of community is vital for happiness. People say they don’t care what others think about them – but that, in itself your inward being is being determined by what is outside (and not caring about its effect).

Fig. 1. This shows how an individual’s mind is effected by those around him. In this case one is influenced by the minds surrounding but it can one can also experience influence by the environment.

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