It’s a Gender Revolution

In her article “His and Hers? Designing for a Post-Gender Society,” Suzanne Tick argues that the once concrete definitions of male and female are transforming into a gender revolution which allows all individuals an opportunity to express themselves. However, problems arise when we attempt to approach gender issues with regulations and complacence. It is necessary to begin creating safe places for everyone. Big corporations, like Google, are adopting gender-neural and unisex bathrooms, as well as male and female ones (Tick). The proactive nature of the big companies hopefully will set an example for all companies across the states. Ensuring employees feel welcomed will allow them to work to their highest potential, thus, producing optimal quality work.

Unfortunately, creating an inclusive environment everywhere is easier said than done.  In June of 2015, the White House shined rainbow colors in support of the same-sex marriage ruling.


It would seem as though everyone would accept the thought of gay marriage. Of course, that would be to good to be true. Recently, the republican state lawmakers in North Carolina proposed a bill that would ban gay marriage in the entire state.

However, the whole issue with change is no one ever agrees. However, the more companies that create inclusive legislation and resources the more likely it is that people will follow. Similar to how the more people who make their voice heard, the more likely change will happen as they get more people on board.

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