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Androgynous as a Commonplace


Adj. 1. being both male and female; hermaphroditic, 2. having both masculine and feminine characteristics, 3. having an ambitious sexual identity

We have all heard our people preach about how we need to “be our own individual” and “do what we want”, which is exactly what we did. The media has such a small coverage on androgyny and understanding it, the media ends up reenforcing mainstream beauty and norms. As Suzanne Tick discusses in her article about gender and society, androgyny has stemmed form a confusion of appearance. Gender is becoming such a fluid term as society comes to term with this new concept. It is no longer just in the media but in our everyday lives. Coming here to AU, my first day I was asked to share my desired pronouns. Androgyny isn’t just a commonplace anymore but a common movement.

This article outlines the most common misconceptions and lies media tells about androgyny.

4 Harmful Lies the Media Is Telling You About Androgyny


Compass Coffee in the Media


Ravindranath, Mohana. “At Compass Coffee, data is the secret ingredient”.The Washington Post. 28 December 2014

In her article, “At Compass Coffee, data is the secret ingredient” Mohana Ravindranath discusses how Compass uses technology to make their coffee more consistent and the best flavor. Basically, the computer attached to the roaster has a built-in digital thermometer and it automatically transmits the data points from each roast. It records things such as, temperature changes and moisture levels and sends them to an open-source software called Artisan.

Fig 1. The roast description and ingredients that went into the particular coffee blend. Putting all the unique characteristics on the coffee bag helps add another element that can help distinguish Compass from other shops.

When the brew is ready, there is a three-member team who tastes it. If they don’t like the flavor they use the computer to adjust a single variable and try again. Ever batch gets a “roast profile” that is saved on their computer which makes recreating a batch easier.

This article will be helpful in further describing unique and innovative characteristics of Compass Coffee. Furthermore, Compass Coffee used to be an old laundromat in Shaw. Knowing the history of the coffee shop will help me understand it’s relation to the surrounding community.  Not only does the article provide background but offers yet another unique characteristic of Compass Coffee.


Michael Haft and Harrison Suarez. “The Marine’s Secret Weapon: Coffee.” The New York Times, 16 Aug. 2013.

In their article, “The Marine’s Secret Weapon: Coffee”, Micael Haft and Harrison Suarez make a very interesting claim. They say, “America’s taste for coffee is inextricably linked to the history of its military”. Haft and Suarez, both military veterans give their first-hand perspective on the history of coffee in the military and how vital coffee actually is.  In fact, they offer quotes from “in the field”, of Marines trading their snacks for coffee. Haft and Suarez started by writing about marines and the complex emotions thought their time fighting and came to the conclusion to tie all of their interests together. Coffee, marines, photography, travel, community, as well as many others, and create Compass Coffee.

Fig. 2. Compass Coffee owners; open stance, inviting smiles, light colored shirts, the “GOOD” in all caps on the wall – all elements that create a welcoming and inviting environment

I will be able to use this article to discuss how Compass Coffee started and explain the importance associated with this shop. Having a first person point of view from their time in the military and their love for coffee helps readers understand and appreciate their military journey. Also, being able to see the founders’ thoughts are very interesting and an element that isn’t seen with big chain coffee shops like Starbucks. I can use this article when talking about the unique features associated with Compass Coffee.