Women’s Work

For women’s work, the project looks at women’s textile activities and features the scenes from the painting to present the female’s duty in working. The selected images will help the audience to examine the way jointing art with the political propaganda function. Basing on the belief, “men till, women weave” (nangeng nüzhi 男耕女织 ), women’s work refers to the making of cloth. “ womanly work (nügong 女功) means women of every class need take part in the production of textiles including the processes of spinning and weaving, sewing and embroidery. Women work in the domestic quarter can produce cloth to pay taxes, therefore, female contribution helps the household economy and to realize responsibilities toward the state.  In the Ladies’ Classic of Filial Piety scroll (Beijing version), the painting also depicts the scene of women’s work by the loom. The following part gives an analysis of the women’s work associated with the visual representation.

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