Commonplace III – “Pools” and Donald Trump

“Shake my little soul for you now, toy
And I settle up into a world of noise
I’m a man of many tricks and tools and joy
With a battery of guilt on which to poise”

-Glass Animals, “Pools”

Perhaps it’s a direct effect of working on Capitol Hill, but I’ve been particularly drawn to songs with quasi-relatable political connotations lately. For this week’s Commonplace, I chose a passage I’ve always been particularly drawn to but have been thinking more and more thoroughly about lately. The song it derives from, “Pools,” comes from an album with a continual track flow, where each song connects to the last. I’ve always heard this song in sequence with the rest of the story the album tells, a story with heightened tension that eventually resolves itself with physical embraces or romance. But when listening to the song stand on its own this week, of all things, it reminded me of Donald Trump. Political associations aside, Trump is in a particularly interesting and rather compromising position going into his presidency. He is indeed, “a man of tricks and tools,” and the rhetoric surrounding his first few weeks has certainly reflected this. Trump has undoubtedly entered “a world of noise,” though that noise was almost certainly caused by him. The rhetoric of “Pools” fits with the content I’ve seen in the news surrounding Trump this past week.

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