Commonplace 5

  1. We  often walk around without giving the things around us much thought. Consider, most architecture is intended to blend in, rather than stand out in a typical metropolitan area. Nevertheless, most individuals ought to pay more attention to the world around them, in the same way that we pay attention to social media subtleties. We focus so heavily on relationships with other people but very little on our relationship with our environment. As a result, we are blissfully unaware of the subtle and not so subtle details of our world. We do this by keeping our faces in our devices, walking around oblivious to our surroundings. The upshot of all this is that we have loss a vital connection between human and environment. As this essay will detail, although many scholars of human behavior and architecture have addressed  the  idea  that  we experience a disconnect between our day to day and our environment, these ideas have rarely been discussed in terms of their relationship with technology.
  2. The American University website explains AU as a school where you can connect with professionals in Washington D.C., and have a job by the time you graduate. The rotating images include footage of students engaging and studying, as well as a clip of Barack Obama making an appearance at AU. This shows potential applicants that AU is high profile enough that the school can land visits from powerful people, and that students have the opportunities to interact with those leaders. AU centers its rhetoric around the future, instead of the time you spend while at the actual school. The home page is all about accomplishments of alumni, and how you too, as a prospective student, can end up like them. It consciously propagates a message towards the future, rather than the present. 
  3. “The sun came up a baleful smear in the sky, not quite shapeless, in fact able to assume the appearance of a device immediately recognizable yet unnameable, so widely familiar that the inability to name it passed from simple frustration to a felt dread, whose intricacy deepened almost moment to moment . . . its name a word of power, not to be spoken aloud, not even to be remembered in silence.”

    (Bold = Subject, Italics = Verb)
    This sentence is not a comma splice because all of the clauses following the first independent clause describe the subject of the sentence, the sun.

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