Digital Archives: Historical / Exterior / Text – District Attorney’s Office #1

Exterior of DA building
555 4th Street NW, Washington, D.C.

My site is the District of Columbia Attorney’s Office, located at 555 4th Street NW. This building is located directly beside the Judiciary Square Metro Station, and is surrounded by courthouses and many buildings associated with the Department of Justice. This image reflects my first impression of the building, approaching it from the Metro Station. It’s a very large building, and rather plain. It has a very industrial, office-like vibe – and the architecture looks like something built in the 1970s or 1980s. The pillars outside appear to supporting the building, though it appears to be very sturdy without them. It isn’t a particularly tall building for D.C., and blends in with the other buildings around it. Of the other buildings, it appears to be the least historical or important. Its exterior color is incredibly boring and the only real pop of color comes from the odd circular planters in front of it. The gold lettering on the building gives off a Trump Towers-esque aesthetic, that I was not a big fan of.

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