Commonplace 12: “Badminton and Boujee”

This past week, a fraternity here at AU had to cancel a fundraising event for veterans because administrators were worried that the title of the event could be seen as “appropriating culture.” The event, titled “Badminton and Boujee,” was a play on the title of the popular Migos’ song, “Bad and Boujee.”

The fraternity received a complaint from the Assistant Director for Fraternity and Sorority Life, Colin Gerker.

Email from Gerker to the fraternity.

The term “boujee” is a colloquial term that typically translates to “rich, elite [or] high class.” The song itself has become incredibly popular, which is why the fraternity used the reference as an advertising tactic for their fundraiser. I feel that though the rhetoric may cause a stir, I do not think it is appropriating any culture. The title effectively got the campus’ attention, but the event has now been cancelled because of these complaints. This is a perfect reflection of how rhetorical situations can affect the world around us. A predominantly white campus took offense to this title, what if it had been on a different, more diverse campus?

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