Annotated Bibliography: 9&10

1.Rajala, Lisa. “Lincoln Statue Stands Tall.” Roll Call, April 23, 2009.

In her article, Lisa Rajala discusses the importance of the Abraham Lincoln statue in Judiciary Square being reinstalled after several years in storage. Rajala explains the statue was taken down when construction of Judiciary Square was under way several years ago, and is now being reinstalled in all its glory. The statue had been vandalized in the past, and has now been fixed. Individuals from across Washington, D.C. came to witness the statue’s installation, as it now sits towering over Judiciary Square and the Capitol.

I chose this source because it ties Washington’s community to yet another statue in Judiciary Square. The statue had been damaged and vandalized in the past, to the point that it is disproportionately shaped. I found the history of this statue in Judiciary Square tied it nicely to the rest of Washington, D.C.

Lincoln Statue, Judiciary Square

2.National Parks Service. “Judiciary Square Photographs Written Historical and Descriptive Data.” Department of the Interior, 1991.

In their report, the National Parks Service explains the history and context behind Judiciary Square’s entire existence and foundation. The document covers the geography of the area itself, the history of the land, and the foundation for all the buildings in the area.

I chose this source because it filled in the gaps for the history of the area that I was missing. The document provides the data analysis I needed for the report, and specific historical dates that I couldn’t find anywhere else.

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