RA 6: His & Hers? Designing for a Post-Gender Society

In her article, Suzanne Tick argues that gender has become fluid and is no longer concrete so as a result, designers need to respond to this change in order to promote acceptance and change. Tick’s central argument revolves around the masculine nature of Modernism, which has dominated the aesthetics and design of popular culture for many years. With the new wave of feminism developing across the world, designers need to learn to respond and adapt. For example, Tick cites feminist icons like Emma Watson to further her argument. Watson advocates for men to join the feminist movement, encouraging individuals of both genders to come together to support equality. This equality, Tick says, will bring us closer to finding an equal playing field of conditions in design. A rise of androgyny and a lack of gender norms will also promote this shift in design, according to Tick. The author pontificates that by making individuals of all sexual identities feel accommodated and included, design will respond accordingly.

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