Judiciary Square buildings of different architecture styles

Built Environment Project: Judiciary Square

For my College Writing 101 class, I have spent the semester researching and visiting the Judiciary Square area of Washington, D.C. I initially chose the U.S. District Attorney’s office as my location, but noticed that there was a bigger story to be told in the area surrounding it. Judiciary Square as a whole as a narrative missing from discussion that is altogether more intriguing than some government building. In my research, I found the most fascinating part of the area to be the number of statues that line the Judiciary Square area. The statues are so wildly different, so I began asking questions. Why these figures? Why put them where they are? Why now? I’ve looked at the history of the statues, along with the surrounding area and how they connect to Washington, D.C. as a whole. One never truly feels at home in Judiciary Square, so I also explored why the area’s built environment feels so exclusionary. I visited several sites in the Judiciary Square complex to further this research, including the Metro station and the courthouses. This project certainly expanded my immediate knowledge of the area, but made me question so much more about the complexities of Washington, D.C. as a home and as a city. I hope my research may answer questions, but also pose new ones to continue the conversation.

Below are the links to each part of my project. Enjoy!

Annotated Bibliography

Digital Archives


Reading Analysis

Final Project Part 1: Rhetorical Explanation of Judicary Square

Final Project Part 2.1: Story Map

Final Project Part 2.2: Prezi

Class Map

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