S Street Dog Park and Local Real Estate



Washington D.C., DPR. “Dog Parks | Dpr.” DC Parks and Recreation, https://dpr.dc.gov/page/dog-parks. Accessed 20 Feb. 2017.

The article by the Department of Parks and Recreation depicts not only the collection of the dog parks by ward within each neighborhood, but argues for the strict regulation of these commonplaces within the city. The site claims that there is only a dozen recognized dog parks in the city. Each is open to the public, is open only from dawn to dusk and open to only 30 dogs at a time: all per DPR regulation as a DC dog park.

I plan to use this in conjunction with my other sources as background on the communal aspect of this space . My experience seeing the 1600 block of S Street is the core reason I selected this rather structured collection of statics. This small park is a major collecting place for the community is serves. Many citizens do not bring dogs, but just commune in the space to talk and interact with other Washingtonians.



“1618 S St NORTHWEST #6, WASHINGTON, DC 20009 – 1 Bed/1 Bath.” Redfin, https://www.redfin.com/DC/Washington/1618-S-St-NW-20009/home/10346791. Accessed 20 Feb. 2017.

This listing is contains the structural details to the apartment building at 1618 S Street NW as well as a cost breakdown that argues the apartment’s value has increased dramatically in recent years. While the area was previously considered a dangerous neighborhood just two decades ago, the modern DuPont is a corridor for wealth. The living space includes many amenities that make this location a premium space and result in a home valued at over 1.4 million dollars.

I plan to use this structure as a framing device for telling the story of this space and exhibiting the revitalization process. While it has housed a wide array of citizens, from one of DC’s most formidable crack dealers to the wealthiest members of the world’s premier urban environment, the same building has remained. This structure has remained in place through it all and will continue to given the affluence engrained in community now.

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