The Origin of Originality: Where it is today


Locke, Alain (1886-1954) | The Black Past. Accessed April 29 2017.

The biographical article of Alain Locke makes the argument that is not only one of the most revolutionary figures in DC history, but a formative figure in racial equality across the United States. A graduate and later a professor of Howard University as well as a resident of DuPont has engrained him into the history of the neighborhood. His greatest accomplishment  is being the origin of the Harlem Renaissance through his formative writing :The New Negro. While many argue that the movement is a contribution by many individuals to form the whole, Locke can be credited as the spark in the same way Uncle Tom’s Cabin was in the 1800’s.

This biography is to be used as background for a major contributor to the DuPont area. As a member of the Strivers Neighborhood, Locke pushed for individuality and cultural expansion within the black community and set a precedent of individuality from the DC area. This man is arguably a major key to understanding why this section of DuPont acts as a “pocket” within the greater DC area.



“About.” U Street Music Hall, Accessed April 29 2017.

The about section of the U Street Music Hall argues that the expanding DC music scene will be maintained through sustainable venues like these owners have created. Unfortunately, it is assumed that concert venues can go in and out of style and eventually fall by the wayside. However, in an effort to “ensure that we’re building something for future generations and not just ourselves” the building will last for future generations and grow as an organic connection to the area. They are looking not only at the opportunity for the present, but the possibility for the future.

The U Street Music Hall is an exhibit to building off of the cultural originality pioneered by the communities of the early 1900’s. Additionally, they have certainly seen the success of the Black Cat as hard evidence that DC loves a venue that is authentically Washingtonian. The business model striving  community involvement through education and opportunity for the city’s youth is not only acknowledge the  fact that they exist because of these citizens, but bringing cultural vibrancy to expand the same area.



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