Hi, I’m Zoe.  I am a student at American University in Washington, DC. I am pursuing a BA in Justice and Law with a concentration in Criminal Justice. Through the School of Public Affairs (SPA), I am working towards a Community Based Research Certificate and a Certificate of Advanced Leadership Studies.

Originally from a rural town near Lancaster, PA, I learned the strength of a close community. In my tight-knit high school, I was passionate about how art, academics, and community service intersect. I served as an officer in both National Honor Society and Tri-M Music Honor Society. I represented my high school as a Co-Junior Councilperson for my borough. Senior year I received an opportunity to do hands on community research at a local art nonprofit to learn about nonprofit development and serve my community.  My main objective was to facilitate events and environments that support creativity and learning.

I find strength serving among people who care. People motivate me to make change. I am eager to improve education, juvenile criminal justice, and LGBT+ youth law. It is an aspiration of mine to make comprehensive, free education accessible. My future holds plans of law school and Peace Corps work.