Built Environment Analysis

Ziyang She

Professor: Hunter Hoskins

Nov 30 2016

College Writing-100

Built Environment Analysis


BGR The burger joint: Delicious in DC

          Nowadays, some people live in a city since they were borned, and some others people from other places move to this city for study or work, like me, an international student who study in DC. Even though lots of people lives in a city for a long time, but if we give him/her some places’ name in the area where they living for a long term to let them tell us some information about it, I think they might didn’t know too much about it. Few weeks ago, I decided to do a project called “ Built Environment Project”. In this essay, I am going to explore a special place in DC, and figure out how does its environmental designation  attract and influence people’s mind.


(The front door of the BGR The burger joint)

          “BGR-The Burger Joint, the award winning “best burger” franchise With  18 franchise units along the east coast”.(2008) The first BGR burger joint was started in Veteran’s park in 2008. But it is too far, so that I chose one which is the closest. Even though they have so many branch, but they all provide healthy and delicious food. The BGR burger joint I picked is located on 1514 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC. The black and white design is similar to many other buildings in the neighborhood. Also, we can see there is a big logo of a burger on the showcase and a big name on the top of the building , so that we can know that they mainly offer some fast food. Also it is one of the main common areas on the street for people to get some food, socialize and interact with each other. This BGR burger joint was constructed in 2012 after the other neighbor buildings were completed. it is amazing that it become so famous only took about ten years and lots of people says it is one of the most delicious burger restaurant in DC. “This was an excellent hamburger (I went to the Spout Run location), and one which I would *gladly* seek out in the future”.(Don, 2015)


(Two  locations of the Dupont Metro station and BGR the burger joint in the google map)

        It only takes about 5 minutes to walk from Dupont Metro station to the Burger joint. Once you go out of the metro station to the ground, you could see a very large circle named “Dupont Circle”. And then you can just follow the road to the burger joint like I marked in the map.For example, If someone want to take a taxi or uber from American University to the burger joint, it only takes about 8$ at about 10 minutes and it is not very far. Also, if you drive there by yourself, there are many parking space outside of the restaurant, so you don’t need to worry about the transportation.

         When you open the door, you can see inside of restaurant is usually comfortable, clean and elegant looking to pull the customers in.  All the amenities that restaurant offers keep customers inside instead of outside.


(The menu inside and on the left of the front desk)

          Then you can see the front desk is in front of you, and there is a menu on the left side of the front desk and the name of the food in the menu are big, even though it is the only big one, but people still can easily order food and It is about 10$ for a meal. We can see a sentence on the top of the menu, “Our food is made with fresh ingredients and made to order right in front of your eyes”, they provide healthy food for customers and want trust with each other. Also, whenever anybody else who order some food in the front desk, the cashier will also repeat this sentence to the customer. The Take-away service is available in this restaurant, whenever you are hungry and fix their daytime schedule, you can get their food in your wish.


          The wall inside is almost white with some damage, they says that it is one of the feature in their restaurant , also there are lots of photos, newspaper-cut about this store which were pin on the wall and several TVs so that you can receive information from outside when you are enjoy the food. There are one chandelier above each table and it is the warm color, makes me so comfortable.  In combination with some Rectangular table, these tables offer seating options to couples, singles, and groups. There is a drink bar offer you to choose some drink what you like and after you order the food. Also, the kitchen is a kind of open style, you can see what the chef doing and you can smell the fragrance of the food. It give a very comfortable feeling for the people who are inside the store.


          This is one of the burger I ordered in their joint, call  “Grilled chicken burger”. In terms of the appearance, it looks very yummy even though I have not try it yet. First, It isn’t too big, as normal size with other burgers, but I think it is enough for a lunch. Second, we can see the layering is perfect. Third, it smells pretty good. Once you bring this burger to your mouth and you must want to take a bite out of it immediately. Thus, their burgers will makes your appetite improved dramatically.

          “At BGR, our kitchens are open for transparency into the quality food we use everyday and for customers to connect with the process. Our burgers are crafted with the highest quality beef and grilled to temperature over an open flame — not fried on a piece of stainless steel. Our bread is made for us by local bakers and delivered fresh daily. The tomatoes are the finest available and hand sliced – the way a tomato should be. It’s not fast food, its food made right.” (2016) The purpose and the introduction in their website. So, they give a big promise for people to provide the absolute highest quality products and made fresh to order.


          This is the main page of its website. It is very easy to go to their website if you just google BGR The burger joint, and then the first one will be your choice. First, the logo on the top and some main title as following. We can know all the information we want by clicking one of the bottom we want. If we click the “Location”. Then we can know the specific address, contact number and  hours of operation for every single BGR the burger joint store in America. Second, there is an animation in the middle of the website and it performs all the most popular burger in the store and give a short explanation about what kind of materials are using in the burger. I think it is wonderful, because it can be good reference for those people who are the first time visit the website and want to order some food at the same time. Also they told me that it will update once a week when asked the online server. What’s more, we can see there are some specific menu perform separately under the animation. This design is really good and lead a good impression for us. It can provide a clear direction for customer when they are looking for the specific food. So that, people would visit the store again and again. In conclusion, the style of design of the website is what makes it very human and useful. The color isn’t too strong and I can release myself from the pressure when I am looking at the whole thing. I believe that most people have the same feeling when they are visiting their website. What’s more, their website has a little bit  different with other burger’s website. There are a huge of information with lots of image and context in other burger’s website and it makes people very tired and feel chaos when they are looking on it, for example the website of Burger King and Subway.

          After the first time I been there, I went back a week later. I did a survey after I got the permission. I sit in the store about 2 hours and there are lots of people traipsing in and out. The amount of black people are more than white people. Under this situation, I don’t think that there are some discrimination here. I totally survey with 20 people with ten in black and ten in white. There are 17 of them say that they will go to this burger joint three times a week. Because they are living or working in that area and this burger joint is the most delicious “fast food” restaurant over there. Only three of them say that they will come and drive by themselves sometimes, because it is very far from the place they are living, even though it is far, but they still want to eat the burger in this joint.

          In conclusion, the various of designation  of BGR The burger joint really attract and influence people’s mind in some extent. The design of the website, the transportation outside the store and the exterior and interior of the stores leave a very unforgettable impression to people, even for me.  


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