BED Interior: Thomas Circle

Zhenhua Xi


Professor Hoskins

Building Environment Description, Interior

The Interior Site: Thomas Circle

      Thomas Circle is a remarkable traffic circle in washington, DC, and it is across by Massachusetts Avenue, Vermont Avenue, 14th Avenue, and M street Avenue. It is named for memorializing American Civil War General George Henry Thomas.


     When I went to Thomas Circle, my eyes was caught by the bronze sculpture that general Thomas is riding on the horseback at the center of Thomas Circle. I was impressed by the sculpture due to a huge contrast between the scenes of crowded and uncrowded: at the center of Thomas Circle, there is only a sculpture around by lawns, unlike other traffic circles, even no any trees, but a lot of traditional and modern buildings are layout around Thomas Circle, which makes the bronze sculpture stand out. I also was impressed by those buildings because of totally different styles among them. John Russell Pope’s National City Christian Church and Luther Place Memorial Church could represent traditional style buildings, and National Geographic Museum could stand for modern buildings. At the northwest corner of Thomas Circle, unique features of John Russell Pope’s National City Christian Church, such as whole white external walls and six marble columns, is impressive, and whole red external walls and triangular roofs make Luther Place different from its behind constructions.img_5061 I have gone in two modern buildings behind Thomas Circle. Washington Plaza Hotel obtain delicate adornment, and the huge fish tank and fantastic ceiling lamps leave me a unforgettable impression. Although I went into there and pretend that I arrived a wrong address, those staffs also treat me friendly and enthusiastically. After coming out from Washington Plaza Hotel, I was going to visit National Geographic Museum. There is a ticket entrance on the right after entering the museum, and, on the left, people can buy some souvenirs in a store. I also appreciated some special artworks at the glass walls of this museum.

        img_5057 Obviously, Thomas Circle is a special and attractive place which makes upper class people together, and this has been happening since many years ago. Three circles, Logan, Thomas, and Scott Circles, are forming a triangle area, and “the area surrounding has for many years been at a center of a rich history.” (Paul Kelsey Williams) Most of those influential citizens, such as the wealthy, the middle class, and the politics, have been home here, so Thomas Circle is a really important place in the early time. With time passing, some constructions and reconstructions processed here and form present arrangement gradually, but the noble blood are still trickling on the body of Thomas Circle. At present, most deluxe hotels choose to open near Thomas Circle, and there are still some upper class people living here.

           All in all, Thomas Circle NW is a special place which is surrounded by traditional and modern buildings. I can feel that the unique atmosphere at Thomas Circle is attractive for the wealthy from long time ago, those buildings are just the expression of this atmosphere.

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