XiZ_AnnoBib #4

Zhenhua Xi


Professor Hoskins

Annotated Bibliography #4

Ford, Elise Hartman (2006). Night and Day D.C. San Francisco: Pulse Guides. ISBN 9780976601340.

      This book talks is a guide of Washington, DC, so, in this book, I have obtained some information about Thomas Circle already before visiting there. It introduces some histories of Thomas Circle, such as when and why it was constructed. It mainly tells the present situation of Thomas Circle, which could help people visit more easily.

       I read the part of Thomas Circle in this book before going there, and I can image how it looks like through these description. After visiting Thomas Circle, I will compare how different the real looks and my imaginations, which helps me think more rhetorically. Why was it designed like this? What advantages does this design have? Then I could explore this place through a very rhetorical way which totally belong to myself.

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