XiZ_AnnoBib #5

Zhenhua Xi


Professor Hoskins

Annotated Bibliography #5

“BGR The Burger Joint.” N.p., n.d. Web. http://www.bgrtheburgerjoint.com/

     The first source which I choose to use in my digital document is the official website of BGR The Burger Joint. Because this is an official website, I could obtain many information about this burger place, such as introduction and menu.

     This website is the main target of description in my digital document, so I have to use this website. At first, I browse every pages of this website in order to have a rough impression of this website. Then I found some special and interesting pages, which are designed differently with other websites, and I will analysis rhetorically that why it design this way, what are advantages and disadvantages of this design. For example, I will found out why this website like using picture to occupy a large place and why the background is white, etc.

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