XiZ_AnnoBib #6

Zhenhua Xi


Professor Hoskins

Annotated Bibliography #6

Jensen, Kara. “What Is the “Look and Feel” of a Website? And Why It’s Important.” Bop Design. N.p., n.d. Web.

         This article talks about when people visit a website, a lot of thoughts goes in accomplishing that immediate reaction–the “look” and “feel” that sums up the company and individual. In this article, I could find many points to explain why the website of BGR The Burger Joint design like that way.

         When I visit the website of BGR, I questioned that why it looks clean and blank, why its menu design that way, and why it like using picture. After reading “What Is the “Look and Feel” of a Website? And Why It’s Important”, I understand the meaning of those designing, and “Look and Feel” are two really precise words to summarize answers of my questions. So when I write digital description, I just need to analysis through “Look and Feel”.

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