Zhenhua Xi


Professor Hoskins

Annotated Bibliography #3

Williams, Paul Kelsey. The Neighborhoods of Logan, Scott, and Thomas Circles. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Print.

     This book talks about the area surrounding the closely located Logan, Scott, and Thomas Circles has for many years been at the center of a rich history. These neighborhoods have played a part in the great story of the capital city and have been home to the workingman and woman, the wealthy, the middle class, and the politically powerful alike.

     From this book, I could analysis why Thomas Circle is such a center around deluxe hotels and some important buildings, because, at early time, Thomas circle has been the center of wealth. So this book helps me to think Thomas circle rhetorically. Not only I just described what buildings are surrounding Thomas circle, and what those buildings looks like, but also I have to analysis why those buildings tend to be surrounding here, rather than anywhere else. In conclusion, this book help me to explore more history about Thomas circle, and it also makes me understand how this area formed like this way.

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