Zhenhua Xi


Professor Hoskins

Digital Environmental Description

The Digital Environmental Description of BGR The Burger Joint

         After visiting and tasting at BGR The Burger Joint personally, I decided to know more about this burger place due to the good experience there. Browsing  its website is the direct way to get those information, and I am able to know how they show themselves. I tend to describe the layout of this website firstly and explain reasons why it design in this way.360%e5%8f%8d%e9%a6%88%e6%84%8f%e8%a7%81%e6%88%aa%e5%9b%be16421028497688

         Clean and blank are the first impres
sion to me about its home page due to white as the whole background. At the top area of home page, it shows us the heading “ THE BURGER JOINT” and the logo. After heading, there are eight categories, such as “menu” and “contact”, and people can click those button to observe information which they want. Then, under eight categories, I saw nine slides which occupy almost ⅔ areas of home page, and those slides displayed some attractive pictures of its classic burgers and coming burgers. Each slides also mate some short words to explain what are those pictures, and people could click every slides to get detailed information. Moreover, at the left bottom of this page, I saw a pink rectangle with a headline of a top news “Best of DC 2016 Readers’ Choice”, which showed how welcome this burger place is.


        After described home page, I will mainly describe two category pages: “menu” and “about us”. Opening menu page, two photos of delicious food display firstly, and then we could saw a list of all products which it provides. In my opinion, there are one advantage and one disadvantage about the way they showed their menu. On one hand, its menu is humanized, because it teaches people how to build up their own meals step by step rather than just showing the products it have, like other website. On the other hand, it is too concise to show its products, and even there is no any picture of those burgers, which will makes people have no idea of those products look like.


           At the “About us” page, it also show two foods picture at top, and then it start introducing themselves. To begin with, it tells about the start of BGR and speaks its promise that “Food that was thought out, fresh, and deserving of our customers.” At the second paragraph, it talks about the safety of their food, and it said that “At BGR, our kitchens are open for transparency into the quality food we use everyday and for customers to connect with the process.” I could ensure that its kitchens are really open and transparent, and I watched the whole process of making my burger.

           Why the website of BGR The Burger Joint designed in this way? I will explore those reasons deeply. Look and feel is pretty important to a website, and Kara Jensen, the author of What is the “Look and Feel” of a Website? And Why It’s Important”, said that “Your website’s overall look and feel is important because it instantly conveys an attitude to your clients before they even start reading the content on the site.” This rule is more significant for BGR’ s website, because the look of website will influence the people’s impression to physical stores. As I said before, the website of BGR is clean and blank, so now I understand that clean and blank style will make people feel it friendly and approachable. Like its physical store which I have gone to before, the huge space give people no pressure, so people will feel more comfortable both browsing its website and eating at its physical stores. Moreover, this website is good at using big picture to catch people’s eyes, because people are always sensitive with images. This website also tend to use impactive color to express important information. For example, at the left bottom of homepage, it use pink, which is different with other colors in this page, to tell us that is is the best choice in DC. Because this information show how delicious it is, it have to highlight it.

      All in all, the website of BGR The Burger Joint is clean and approachable, like its physical stores, and it is clear to show its information. Only in this way, could people know the culture and story of this burger place.

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