About Me

Hello, I am Alexa Glozheni from Massachusetts. I am a student at American University, class of 2021, in pursuit of a BA in political science with a concentration in Law and Politics and a minor in communications. As a student, I love to engage in discussions and express my passion for learning and expanding my knowledge in the area of politics. After earning my BA and certificate in Advanced Leadership Skills, I will be working full time in Washington D.C. and later pursuing a Masters degree. My passion and goals have driven me to always reach for success and they include dance, politics, international affairs, cooking, fashion, and community service. I love to be involved in as much as I can, so I also engage in activities and clubs within the University. I would like to take my skill sets of planning, organizing, trustworthiness, responsibility, relator and apply it to my future goals and future job and internship opportunities. My recent internships with the Governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker, and currently at the Republican Governors Association put my skills to work and taught me what I need to work on for future opportunities. I am also fluent in speaking, writing, and reading in Albanian. As a senior here at American, I am eager to use the lessons and skills I gained my previous years and expand on them after I graduate college and more experiences to come.