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Hi! My name is Aidan. I’m a current student, technology and Democratic political consultant.

I am currently a Senior at American University majoring in Data Sciences for Political Science (BS; SPA – School of Public Affairs). Additionally, I am enrolled in the School of Public Affairs Leadership Program, where I am working toward a certificate in Advanced Leadership Studies, as well as the SPA Honors Program. Within the Leadership Program, I worked on developing a social action project in the area of Racial Injustice with other program members during my Freshman year, an issue constantly facing modern American society. During Sophomore year, I implemented a social action project aimed at combating the inequities between the public and charter school systems in America.

I have been dedicated to service throughout my entire life, most recently in the political and community arenas. In the political sector I have thoroughly enjoyed working with a diverse set of clients as well as facilitating extensive involvement within political campaigns at all levels (I was very proud of my position as a Joe Biden delegate to the 2020 Democratic National Convention where I am serving as the Deputy Whip Captain for the PA delegation). I have been able to develop my commitment to be a hard-working individual that truly enjoys working with others towards a common goal. These skills and experience will be vital to fulfilling my career goal upon graduating American University of becoming a campaign/political consultant or being in a job where I can continue to serve the best interests of our country in the political field.

No matter what happens in the future, I will always continue to be committed to service to my community and society at-large.