Mission Statement, Goals, Objectives and Logic Model

Mission Statement: To create a healthy environment surrounding food through education and practice around intuitive eating for young dancers



1) To educate the youth about the presence and effects of disordered eating

2) To understand and practice concepts around intuitive eating and gentle nutrition for optimal health

3) To learn about how the concepts of “all foods fit” and “health at every size” fit into our relationships with food


For my nutrition education program, I will be building off of my nutrition education lesson from HLTH630, which focused on intuitive eating to create healthy relationships with food for adolescent dancers. This program will continue to focus on this demographic of girls ages 13-18 who are dancers but can also be relevant to any adolescent age individuals who may be put at higher risk for disordered eating. I too want to continue to focus on the concept of intuitive eating and gentle nutrition as I feel this is important to focus on, especially at a young age, to help create better relationships with food early on. The location of my target audience focused originally on a specific dance studio in central, New Jersey, but I feel by developing a virtual platform in this class, could be expanded to dancers and other active adolescents across the country as well. Growing up in the world of dance myself and continuing into college, I found disordered eating to be extremely prominent in the field. By focusing on principals of intuitive eating and gentle nutrition early on, this should help with combating some of the issues that are occurring. Through education, practice, and understanding I will be able to help instill healthy eating behaviors in the youth to create a positive environment surrounding food for physical, mental, and emotional health long-term. By doing this I hope to impact young individuals who are surrounded by outside influences of disordered eating, to create a space for conversation, understanding, and healthy living.


Logic Model:

Education around eating disorders and disordered eating patterns Girls understand the importance of taking care of their body and understand the risks The number of individuals suffering from eating disorders lessen Dancers become less likely to suffer from ED and girls have better health long-term
Understanding of intuitive eating and mindful eating Young dancers begin to understand how to feed themselves properly and listen to their bodies Lessen disordered eating patterns, create better concepts around food, and minimize diet culture Create better relationships early on with food in dance settings and school systems
Practice and participation of trying intuitive eating Girls will get to try out this type of eating and realize it is a much better way of living a healthy lifestyle rather than disordered eating or dieting Will spread through all areas of life and positively impact individuals around them to also avoid diet culture and disordered eating Will overall save individuals relationship with food as well as the community at large